NOTCH10 Re:Public —2010 Nordic and China Art Festival .


The Open Studio Camp @ the No+ch Festival is a cross-disciplinary laboratory in Public space. Cultural producers from China and the Nordic countries are invited to form a temporary Republic in Beijing for a week, commencing the 16th October - 23 October, where they together challenge notions of Public space. By Re-inserting/Re-cycling/Re-defining new cultural values and new modes of productions to the streets of Beijing, a new Re-Public is born.
The content of OSC actively tries to move away from retrospective exhibition and the business-per-usual of productions that all professionals slip into. By focusing on modes of production rather than product, it aspires to create a vibrant sharing environment both cross-disciplinary as well as cross-culturally.

During the course of the week, the members of the Republic will venture out in the OSC project zone and conduct individual investigations in public space. As the week progresses; flavored by meetings and discussions, formal as well as informal, the projects of the Republic will hopefully start to merge, converge and cross-breed.

Inpex Dances in Beijing:

See Tingting Yangs video on Emma Kim Hagdahl on tudou (chinese youtube)

Link to website of NOTCH Festival

Photo: Katja Ebbel Frederiksen 

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