Deep Terra is a dance as an imaginative force of production, where imagination can happen collectively, where we can work together to create different kinds of futures.

The performance is both delicate and open; together the two performers sculpt, build and demolish landscapes, a live transformation of objects/bodies in space. This paradoxical environment of progression and destruction is the dance of scrutiny on a mass level unfurling like a hallucinogenic daydream.

Deep Terra was originally supported and developed through the Dancehouse Housemate Residency Melbourne 2012 with support from the Bessen Foundation.
With support by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body, 2013.

(Choreography and performance: Atlanta Eke & Emma Kim Hagdahl. Costume and Textile: Diana Orving)

Dancehouse Melbourne : Research Details



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