The history of dance is initiated through dance, but it is writers that fasten it and its readers that secure it. The Swedish Dance History is dance’s claim on its own history, a history created and authorized by us who create dance and choreography. The Swedish Dance History is a collective effort to realize this history and ultimately to claim the right to our future.

The Swedish Dance History is an international publication initiated and realised through INPEX. The first edition was made in 2009 during the international day of dance, April 29 2009 and the two thousand copies of the so called ‘Silver Bible’ hit the globe from Stockholm to Buenos Aires, from night tables to university seminars. The Swedish Dance History is an all-inclusive collective choreography of 1000 pages distributed for free and to be produced for 20 consecutive years.

In 2010 a brand new editorial group set up the production of The Swedish Dance History at ImPulsTanz Vienna International Festival and gathered about 200 authors, doers and makers in the field of dance and choreography to participate in the making.

The Swedish Dance History is not recording history and has nothing to do with Sweden. It is a machine creating history right now, right here: across nations, styles and cultural policies.

The Swedish Dance History is a book, a document of a future to come, and a power tool – something you can hit people with, hold on to when life turns its darker side – but most of all it is an empowering aggregate that connects all of us that does and creates dance. There are no lonely choreographers any more, every dance is a collective movement.

The Swedish Dance History is a collaboration made possible by: University of Dance and Circus Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, ImPulsTanz Vienna International Festival, PAF.

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