Newspapers creates the world and form public opinions.

Who forms and controls these opinions in contemporary dance? Can we, dance makers and doers, afford not to be part of the forming of public opinion in our field?

"The world is changing and we want to be part of it. With today's technology, information exchange and opportunities to communicate has radically changed. Only a few years ago, we were largely dependent on information flows through corporate controlled media to produce our understanding of the world. Today this is no longer the case - now we can take matters into our own hands and become part of the "editors" who create the future."

The project comprised to write, publish and distribute a newspaper for dance and choreography alongside the ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival. The project's purpose was to initiate discussion about dance culture and concepts such as performance, dance and choreography by including interviews, criticism, news reports and articles. In addition, the ambition was to cultivate a dance community that gave visibility and attention to the Swedish dance and performance art scene as well as to make the concept of the project available to be modified, distributed and used by others.

The newspaper was not a critique nor a celebration of the festival, but instead appeared as a supplement to, or, if you like, as a well-meaning hijacking of it. "The Inpex" was read by hundreds of dance and choreography practitioners and other interested people both locally and globally, thanks to the fact that it was distributed digitally on Internet. "The Inpex" was distributed for free in an edition of 700 copies per day between August 10-14 2009.

The core editorial team; Louise Höjer (SE/US), Emma Kim Hagdahl (SE), Egle Obcarskaite (LT) Will Rawls (US) Jessyka Watson Galbraith (AU/SE).